Camera-ready Manuscripts for Technical Sessions

The authors accepted for the ICGG 2010 technical sessions are kindly requested to submit the camera-ready manuscripts of both of the followings and the corresponding copyright trasfer agreements by 10 May, 2010.

The extended abstract will be published both in the printed proceedings and in the DVD, while the full length paper will be published in the DVD only.

The both manuscripts should follow the corresponding formatting instructions listed bellow, so that all papers in the proceedings have a consistent appearance. The instructions are formatted according to the each formatting rules. Please use them as templates.

We reserve our right to reject any papers unless they are properly revised according to the reviewers' comments and follow the formatting instructions. Authors must show themselves at the conference and complete conference fee payment beforehand.

Both manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format. Please archive the PDF files in a compressed (zipped) folder and submit it to the OpenConf system below (please select the region you belong to):

Please be sure to submit in PDF format, not MS Word (.doc) format. For this, you must convert a .doc file to a .pdf file by using the PDF converter software. (Please don't simply rename the file extensions!)

If you don't have commercial Acrobat software, you can try free PDF converters like PrimoPDF, CutePDF, etc. Note that we don't have a support for these softwares. So please read the attached documentation and use the software at your own risk.

How to archive your files into a zipped folder can be found, for example, in the "Compressed folders in Windows XP" section of the page below:

The copyright of papers published in the both proceedings belongs to ISGG. A copyright transfer agreement is needed on submitting manuscripts. Without this the submission cannot be processed. If the manuscript contains extracts, including illustrations, from other copyright works (including material from on-line or intranet sources) the author must obtain written permission from the owners of the publishing rights to reproduce it that has to be submitted with their signatures.

The submission and reviewing procedure of ICGG 2010 uses the openconf system.